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Hodge Launches Innovation Partnership with Creative Adventure Lab

Hodge is excited to announce a new partnership with the Creative Adventure Lab as part of their new Innovation Lab program.

Through this partnership, HODGE will work with the Innovation Lab to help drive creative thinking and innovation to deliver value for customers and throughout the organization. As a part of the program, the Creative Adventure Lab will facilitate an Innovation Circuit – a strategic process that leverages employee innovation to create actionable strategies to push a core priority forward quickly, while overcoming implementation barriers and stalls.


As key component of the program, HODGE will take part in a series of IDEAthons - a process that engages employees in friendly, competitive innovation experiences. The result of these IDEAthons are actionable solutions to business challenges within the organization. The experience will teach key innovation traits and fully immerse participants in an innovation mindset.


In addition to participating in the Innovation Circuit, HODGE joins a network of companies who are also investing in innovation space and services at Creative Adventure Lab. Along with the services of the Innovation Lab, HODGE will have a dedicated creative space within the facility for teams to go deep into challenges and inspire actionable ideas.



The partnership between HODGE and the Innovation Lab further exemplifies HODGE's commitment to building a culture of innovation.


About the Creative Adventure Lab 

The Creative Adventure Lab fosters creativity and innovation to generate value in the community. As a founding tenant in Dubuque's very own innovation campus, they've spent the last 10 years helping youth and families through their Discovery Lab, educators and schools through their Mobile Lab, and artists and aspiring artists in their Art Lab.  Now, they're spurring creativity and innovation among entrepreneurs and businesses in their Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab fosters creativity and innovation by helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations generate & launch new ideas through a variety of programs and services.

To learn more about the Innovation Lab, visit: 


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