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Having a clean operation has likely always been important for you. But now, during a global pandemic, it couldn’t be more important. Preventing the spread of germs by keeping facilities clean and sanitized is crucial to keeping you and your team safe.

When it comes to sweepers and scrubbers it’s important to see the investment beyond the cost. Think of the labor costs involved with having a team member scrub and sanitize with a traditional mop and bucket. Investing in industrial cleaning equipment is not only quicker and more efficient, it’s much more effective.

At HODGE, we understand the importance of your return on investment when it comes to equipment. That’s why we’re a proud dealer of FactoryCat – to provide you with the most effective and reliable sweepers and scrubbers on the market.

We’ve broken down some of the biggest reasons to consider industrial cleaning equipment for your operation:


Industrial sweepers and scrubbers have less risk for employees who may strain from manual cleaning.

Plus, sweepers and scrubbers offer squeegee systems that allow for a floor to dry quicker than a traditional mop and bucket. These systems reduce the chance of slips and falls from employees and visitors.


If you’re in the market for sweepers and scrubbers, you’re in luck. This equipment is faster, more accurate, and more energy efficient than ever before. Not only is the equipment energy efficient, your team will be efficient too.

By investing in industrial cleaning equipment your team will be able to accomplish the same job in a fraction of the time, which means it will save you money!



Industrial sweepers and scrubbers get the job done right the first time by pushing out fresh, clean water throughout the entire cleaning process.

Industrial cleaning equipment gets floors cleaner and is more sanitized than traditional methods of cleaning.


Working with our HODGE equipment experts to find the right equipment for your operation will give you peace of mind when investing in your business.

We’ll find you quality equipment that will provide you with safety, efficiency, and effectiveness for years to come.

Keep your warehouse operation clean and sanitized with our Factory Cat Cleaning Equipment.

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