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Lithium-Ion Batteries for Material Handling Equipment


Lithium-ion batteries are the latest innovative power solutions for material handling equipment, offering a lot of benefits to forklift operators in operations both big and small. This new technology brings advantages in efficiency including consistent power delivery, quicker charging, improved energy costs, and less downtime.

HODGE’s newest equipment manufacturer, Hangcha, offers a lineup of lithium-ion equipment guaranteed to bring added value to your business.

Check out some of the benefits of lithium-ion technology in material handling equipment:

Consistent Power

Whether you have a one-shift, two-shift, or 24-hour operation, power is important. Lithium-ion batteries provide consistent power and battery voltage throughout the charge of the battery. The power will remain just as strong at 50% as it did at 100% when working with lithium-ion-powered equipment.

Optimize Productivity

Lithium-ion batteries offer significantly faster charging, which can help optimize productivity within your operation. Plus, lithium-ion batteries don’t require a charging cooldown.

Opportunity Charging

Because of on-board charging, lithium-ion batteries don’t need to be swapped out of the equipment. Instead, operators can take advantage of opportunity charging by charging the battery on their breaks. This saves the operator and the operation valuable time.

Battery Longevity

Lithium-ion forklift batteries can have up to four times the battery life than traditional electric forklifts. For multi-shift operations, this can be a game-changer by eliminating the storage space and cost associated with traditional electric forklift batteries.
Reduced Maintenance Cost: Lithium-ion batteries don’t require specialized maintenance like watering or equalizing and are virtually maintenance free.


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