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5 Things to Consider When Buying Used Equipment.


Purchasing any piece of equipment can be intimidating. It’s a big investment that’s going to impact your business long-term. That’s why our equipment experts at HODGE are here to help find you the right equipment and assist with the buying process. Our team will listen to your needs and determine what option would be best for you and your budget.

Let’s dive into some things to consider when purchasing used equipment.

1. How often will your business need to use the equipment?

If your operation runs 24/7 and your equipment is constantly in use, purchasing new might be the better option. New equipment comes with a more expensive upfront cost, but you will likely end up saving in the end.

New equipment typically comes with a better warranty, so you know your equipment will be up and running for a long time.

2. How many hours should a used forklift have?

Usage hours are going to vary on every used forklift you consider, but these hours can be a good indicator of the wear and tear on the equipment. The more hours on the equipment, the more likely it will be to have issues that will need to be address, just like with a used car.

Luckily, HODGE has an inventory of used equipment and we have our service team make repairs to ensure the equipment runs to the best of its ability.

3. What kind of environment did the forklift operate in?

We live in the Midwest where the weather isn’t always ideal. If the equipment operated outdoors where it was exposed to the elements, it may have rust or corrosion. Knowing the application history of the used equipment will help in determining some of the maintenance it may need down the road.

4. How old is the equipment?

Similar to vehicles, the equipment’s age will be a factor in determining price. Looking at equipment five years or older can save you money. However, older equipment may not always have the same safety features as the newer equipment. Your business needs and budget will really determine the age-range of equipment you will consider.

5. What is the overall condition of the equipment?

Buying from a dealership is the best way to know you’re getting the best equipment for your business.

At HODGE, we have a certified forklift technician inspect every piece of used equipment we bring into our inventory. During this inspection, we’re looking at fork condition, lift chains, proper safety elements, smooth mast operation, well-maintained tires, easy-to-start engine and no leakage.

Because of this inspection we’re able to fix any concerns and provide the buyer with a full, detailed report of maintenance.


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